Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cracks me Up every time!!!!

Focus and Motivation

As you can see by the long layoff of blogging, my focus and motivation is out the window!  I need to find my passion, determination, focus and motivation to reach a goal!  What goal????  I'm not sure yet, let ya know.

Hoping that coming back to blogging, accountability will give me my motivation, I'm not sure about focus...that may be only found in a bottle.

Quick summary, health is good!  Good check up with Cardiologist and primary doctor.  My ankle is really giving me a rough time though.  I tore it up good a few years back....I have starting taping it for runs and it seems to help, but not always.  Why does it always seem to be something?  Maybe because my focus on running is I'm focusing on my aches and pains...hmmm.....

We are 32 days away from the Detroit Free Press Marathon Relay!  I am super excited about that.  My first Relay and I'm running it with 4 of my "Sisters In Christ" in my Run For God group.  Note to self: start making running tutu's for the team!  We are going to be super cute!

ok -- now send me some motivational words and encouragement to get back at it!!!!!