Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Dreamill!

I have never been much of a Treadmill Fan, I like getting outside and being part of my surroundings.  But schedules don't always allow it. 

As I look at what I want to accomplish in 2013 and winter looming in Michigan I had to become a realist.  Jeff works long hours this time of year, plus it being dark before I leave for work and when I get home.  A Treadmill would be my only option.  We checked into purchasing one, but of course I don't want to settle for just a Treadmill, I need all the cool features.  I want to be able to "run" through Central Park, London or the streets of Chicago. 

So I needed to go to plan B, re-join a gym.  I chose the YMCA as Wes had a great experience there this summer with Day Camp and it is right across the street from work.  I could make it work!  Wes is finally "double digits" and able to use the cardio equipment with me.

Last weekend he and I went and joined and had his orientation.  It warmed my heart to be able to run along next to him, I have a run partner! 

This week I was able to head over at lunch and get a half hour run in and still was able to get back in time to eat my lunch,  I like it!  This may have to be my training for the winter and hopefully sneak some outside runs in on the weekend...... 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

St Jude Hospital Bound!!!!

On Thursday November 29th Wes and I set out for a road trip to Memphis TN to experience St Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend!  I wasn't able to register for the Half like originally planned, or even the 5K, note to self: Those fill up FAST in May!!!!  So we decided to just do the Family Fun Run and check out the course, etc for next year.  It was a LONG 15 hour drive with only one driver....ME! Leaving 20 degree weather behind we drove south into some beautiful 70 degree days.  Wes has never been that far from home before, so it was an adventure....and his 10th Birthday Weekend! 

I am grateful for my long time Bestie, Barb and her family for putting us up for the weekend, Wes fell in love with her dogs and horses and loved the area. Tennessee has always been one of my favorite states to visit (along with Montana), beautiful!!!

Friday morning Wes and I set out to Memphis to register for the Family Fun Run, thanks to "Garminlita" no problems finding our way to the Convention Center and getting registered.  While we were checking out the Expo look what happened....

We made the local paper! 
We did some driving of the course and around St Jude before heading back to Barbs to spend the afternoon at the barn with the horses.....

I was absolutely in awe over the size of the St Jude complex!  it was beyond HUGE!  I said a prayer as we looked and thought of all that was happening inside at that very moment....... celebrations, treatments and families facing death, I can't even imagine!  I thanked God for my healthy son, and the medical challenges he has faced and the awesome medical treatment we have received home in Michigan.  I am grateful for Danny Thomas and his "vision" and his work towards making this a reality for all those that need them.  For all who continue to support St Jude and keeping his dream alive, for being there for the children and families that would otherwise not have top notch treatment.

Race Day came and we were off!  While waiting to start we say many children wearing survivor shirts, capes, and families with pictures on their shirts and "In memory of....",  Again I stood there in awe and said a prayer......

Wes was off and running at the start, I trotted behind and took it all in!  Proud of my boy!
We finished our mile and did our photo op post race.....
then we heading back to Barb's and ready to be "tourists" and take in Memphis!  That night we headed to the Peabody to see the Peabody Ducks (was a HILARIOUS parade on the red carpet), dinner on Beale Street, the Ghetto (Elvis' song "In the Ghetto" playing in my head), Graceland decorated for Christmas, the Federal Prison (Barb's husband works there...and I had a lot of prison questions being on the court side of things for work), and back home to prepare for our long drive home! 


After our sad good-bys to Barb and her family, I really miss her! we were off for out long drive home on Wes' 10th Birthday!
Of course we had to stop at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky, being Vette owners and all.  What an awesome place!  Can't wait to take Jeff there some day.....
and we had to stop roadside so Wes could get a picture of the big Kentucky Rocks and grab his own rock to bring home.....
there is nothing more beautiful than a Kentucky Sunset....
We were so happy to put the drive behind us and arrive home 15 hours later!  To happy Daddy and happy dogs!  It was a fantastic weekend and a fantastic race experience! 
I plan on doing the race next year.....with 2 drivers driving or better yet flying!  Full or Half?  Stay tuned!!!
This picture was on the St Jude Marathon FB page, it says it all.....without words, but sums it up perfectly.....I highly recommend this race to anyone!  If its 26.2 or 1 mile, leave this earth with this in your heart......

I'm leaving you with this question.....What race has touched your heart and why?????
Love and blessings,
Cut Back but Still Healthy!

On October 21, 2012 I did run the Detroit Marathon Relay with my gals from Run for God, cross that off my bucket list!  It was a great experiance, the race is always awesome and I can't wait for next year!  Full or Half???  Stay tuned! 

During that race I did aggrevate my hip, I got a huge charley horse coming up over the Ambassador Bridge into Canada.  I decided after the race to just take some time off, roll it out and just let whatever it was to heal! (It seemed to bother me during runs).  I had a trip to Memphis TN planned with Wes to run the St Jude Hospital Race on December 1st and wanted to be able to do it.  So I sat until Thanskgiving morning when I set out for a short run to test my hip and allow me to pig out without feeling guilty!  Wasn't fast, but I felt pretty good!

Now to cement plans for a road trip to Memphis to run St Jude!!!!