Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Marathon?? Me??

 I have been happily running along and Well -- the time as come.... I'm doing the Detroit Free Press Marathon on 10/20/13!  Why on earth you may ask....  I'm still not too sure, but God has me doing it.

God?  yes!  Here's a brief story:

One of my "Jesus Gals" from my Run for God Bible Study and I were chatting and the subject came up that she was thinking about going Full Crazy and thinking of the marathon.  I too had the idea tucked in my head to do one in my lifetime.  Later that week I was reading one of my favorite blogs "Running by the Book" and she was looking for people to do a pilot program of her new book and training schedule for a marathon.  Hmmm...... interesting.   We has a family meeting and what it would entail for me to do a marathon, the hours of training, the Saturdays I would be unavailable and the amount of support I would need in order to take on such a tall order.  Then I went to church and heard that they were putting together a team for Detroit, Hope Water Project,  to raise money to drill wells and provide clean drinking water for the Polot Trible in Kenya.  Hear the trumpets blowing???  God is REALLY telling me to run this marathon!  So I signed up and training has begun!  EEK!

I have a great deal of support through this journey.  My sisters in Christ with Run for God, Running by the Book and Team Kensington.  I have an awesome training program, online support and group runs with Team K.  At this point its all up to me...... Its early yet, but I'm enjoying the journey!

In order to prepare my body for the journey I saw my doctor, had my EKG, blood work and got the go ahead.  I saw my Orthopedic about my nagging ankle and started physical therapy.  I have the BEST therapist!  She is a runner, what a huge difference that makes....  She has given me the tools, again its up to me.  So pretty much I'm out of excuses..... 

Prayers are welcome, I still have my doubts, but "God's Got This".... he keeps promising me that!!

Donations to Hope Water Project are also welcome.... I have a goal of $1,000, I'll do the leg work for you....

Running in Faith,

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