Saturday, March 10, 2012

As so it Begins.....

For some time I have thought of a ways to document my running and fighing heart disease.  A running journal is great, but just maybe someone out there has a heart condition and afraid to exercise.  My Cardiologist gave me full clearance to run!  I'm not saying everyone with heart disease should run marathons, talk to your cardiologist and find out whats best and safest for you. I also need motivation to keep not let the thought of a bad heart keep me on the couch and afraid of moving. 

I'm more of a wanna be runner.....not a real runner!  But I try, I read a lot and plug along.  Scheduling is hard as a full time employee, wife and mother.  When is there time?????  That alone can be a real challenge!  But the key is to schedule it, plan it and make it known that you are going to be unavailable to your family on such and such a day and time.

I recently failed a stress test, am going for a Stress Echo on 3/23/12, less than a month before I am running my next half marathon!  So my current running is slow....and short....and depressing.....but I'm plugging along!

Thanks for stopping by......I hope to not only inspire and motive YOU....but myself as well!


  1. We keep you in our prayers daily! Whenever you begin to feel weak or afraid look at Wes! He can be your motivation. By you facing your fears and doing what you love you are showing Wes and everyone that anything is possible!

  2. You can't say you're not a "real runner"!! I even have objective evidence to back up the FACT that you ARE


  3. Thanks for the link! I love it......