Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running Magazine Obsession! My Running Binder

As I said...I'm a researcher....I have to read EVERYTHING I can about running....Thanks Goodness for the internet!  My other obsession is magazines....I LOVE running magazines!  Here's the problem...I kept them ALL!  I had piles of magazines...why?  Articles I wanted to keep, websites, apps, recipes, the fun ads in the back for cool gadgets and jewlery!  Yep, They were everywhere!  Jeff was less than thrilled and I started stacking them in my closet....then they started falling out every time I opened the door.  Hmmmm.......what to do what to do?  I remembered a book I read about organzing a long time ago about tearing out what you want to read, throw the rest out and then keep a few in your purse to read in waiting rooms, etc and then throw it out when you were done.  That got me thinking and the creation of my Running Binder!

Here is how it works.....I took a binder, 3 holed punched a bunch of card stock and added notebook paper.  I go through my magazines and cut out what I, races I'd like to do, cool gadgets, websites...whatever and I glue it to the card stock.  Articles I take out whole, 3 hold punch it and add it.  Now I tend to be a little OCD about lining things up and keeping it organized, but that got too I just keep adding to the back.... The notebook paper I have my 2012 Bucket lifetime Bucket List....and I write down quotes or sayings I find inspirational.  It works!  I have been behind and have a new stack of magazines to cut up and add, a good project for today!

What is your running/exercise obsession?


  1. Data, lol! I can not get enough between my body media monitor and my garmin!

  2. I want both of those! I only use a Polar heart monitor and Runkeeper on my phone....