Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slow week!

I didn't get out this week except to walk the dogs....feel a bit frustrated with that!  Scheduling is still hard with Jeff on long shifts at work.  Wes' practice was cancelled on Tuesday which ususally gives me some time to get a few miles in after work.  The weather has been beautiful and walking the dogs is better than nothing at all I guess.  Then there was Wes breaking his wrist! He isn't up to crusin around yet, so that sidelined me as well.  Its cooling off this week and rainy right now, I hope to get some miles in!

Yesterday was the Stress Echo test.  I had had both tests done before, but never together.  Basically its an Echo, then a stress test on the treadmill and then a quick transition back to the bed for another Echo while the heart rate is still high.  Took awhile to get my heart rate up to the 148 beats which they consider maximum for a woman my age.  The Tech said I have a high exericise tolerance, which was something good...shows that I am doing something right!  They spent a lot of time on my valve and recording and pictures, don't know how normal that was, but regardless...I go back in 2 weeks for the results with my Cardio and they didn't say not to exercise between now and I'll continue.  I'm sure I would have heard something if they didn't want me to.  Right?

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