Saturday, March 17, 2012

Planning a Long Run......

I had a pretty good week, got out most days...some run/walk days and some just walking the dogs days...they count!  We have had a beautiful week for Michigan in March! 

I took Thursday and Friday off as this weekend is a 11 mile run/walk weekend for me.  Planning is tough with Jeff working weekends again!  Then there is the route...hmmm....I was planning an out and back on the Metro Parkway trail, but have this fear of getting out and not being able to get back!  If my heart rate sores or I have problems breathing I need to stop.  Plan B is a round route near home where I have several options to cut back if I need to cut my run short.  I think I have it figured out at last.  Jeff is hopefully only working a half day tomorrow so I'll wait til he gets home and then have him keep his phone handy in case I need him to pick me up!  I have several roads to bring me home as I run down Garfield.....on to Mapmyrun to check the milage.  We will see how it goes and how I feel when I'm done.  Looking foward to finishing my Cardio testing this week and finally get clearance to continue as I was and on to my half marathon in April!


  1. Better get out early cause there are storms in the forecast.

  2. Ewww....I don't want to hear that! Jeff is working til this afternoon! Watching the weather and hoping the storm goes south!